There are three easy steps required for volunteer participation.

Step 1: Prior to Completing the Online Application

Complete the following:

  • Read the Statement of Faith at www.cefonline.com/about/statementoffaith
  • Read the Worker’s Compliance Agreement at www.cefonline.com/wca
  • Read the Child Protection Policy at www.cefonline.com/policy.
  • Watch the 9-minute “Protecting Today’s Child” presentation at www.cefonline.com/childprotection or listen at 1-866-878-4182
  • Gather the following information to enter online:
    • Your salvation testimony
    • Reference contact information (name, phone, email)
    • This should include: pastor or church leader, previous employer and two personal references. No relatives please.
    • Previous addresses (last 5 years)
    • Driver’s License (if applicable) and Social Security Number

Step 2: Apply Online

If you have prepared the information requested in Step 1, it will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the online application. Note: The system will time out after approximately 10 minutes of no activity and you must complete the form within 40 minutes.

Please go to www.ministryopportunities.org/CEFJacksonCounty to complete your online application and background check.

**Online parental consent for reference checks is required for applicants under the age of 18.**

If You Are a Minor:

  • After you enter your birth date a pop-up notification will appear. Your parent/guardian must click OK and you can continue with the form.
  • At the end of the form, your parent/guardian must be the one to check the “I Agree” box and enter their full name as a signature.

Step 3: ID Check and Interview

This final step will be completed by your CEF® team leader at your church’s orientation meeting, prior to serving.

  • You will be required to show a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or school ID) and answer a few interview questions.
  • Once this step is complete, you will receive your nametag, indicating that you are a screened volunteer.